FIMB Yoga and Wellness Center (the Stiletto Gym), home of Polga (Pole Yoga) offers classes, parties, and workshops for your enjoyment, allowing you to free your mind, body, and spirit, and extend the limits of your comfort zone. All of our classes are fitness-based, and are safe and fun for any fitness level, age, or ability. Our instructors are trained in Yogafit and Pole Fitness. Come join the fun today!
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My name is Carla, and I want to welcome you to fimb the Stiletto Gym.  Our mission at "the Stiletto Gym"  is to provide a fitness and wellness environment where all women can learn to feel empowered, sexy, fit, FABULOUS, gain confidence, and self expression through our unique approach to fitness and wellness.

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Home of the Guinness World Record for the Largest Chair Dance.  Established in November 2011.  271 women Chair Dancing!

Intro to Pole 
for Begnners Only!
Lees Summit Studio
Saturday October 4th
11:00  am
reservations are required
  call (816) 256-5040 

New recital date is being announced!!!!!! October 19th 6:00 pm!!! This recital will be called "the Doll House"!!! Let me know if you are interested in performing. We will have our first recital meeting next week to begin to plan. You can sign up to be in a group performance or do a solo performance.!!!

"Express Yourself" Classes 

"Express Yourself" classes are 30 min classes designed for those who want additional classes or those who might only have 30 min to workout.  

You can attend the "Express Yourself Classes" and pay as you go or your can purchase an" Express Pass" which is only good for the" Express Yourself Classes". You can purchase an "Express Pass" for $30.00. If you chose to pay as you go each class is $6.00. The "Express Yourself Classes" will be part of the regular unlimited pricing. 

To help jumpstart these classes we are offering the first month "Express Pass" for only $25.00. The kicker is we must sell at least 15 passes for this "deal" to happen. So tell all your friends and family about this offer so everyone can benefit from this introductory offer. 

To purchase your Express Pass call 816-256-5040 or email 

"Express Yourself" schedule:

Mondays 6:00-6:30 pm
Boots & Booty Shorts - This class will give you the strength training your desire, the cardio workout that you long for, and the Sexy workout that you enjoy. Class requires "industry" style plastic boots and booty shorts. You will learn to climb and hold. Great for all levels. 

Tuesday s 5:30-6:00
AAA (Abs, Ass, Arms) - Great class for building the strength you need for pole or for beginning to sculpt your muscles. Fun class that you will feel for days later.

Wednesdays 6:00-6:30
Burlesque Bombshell Burn - Need we say more? This 30 min class will get your heart pumping and your body burning ,Burlesque style!

Thursdays 5:30-6:00 pm
Pole Jam- A learning party, every Thursday!! You Gotta LOVE IT! That is exactly what this "Pole Jam" is all about. It's casual learning, everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student. The Goal of the Pole Jam is for you to walk away with something new AND help someone else learn something as well. It's such a fulfilling feeling. A Instructor will be present for assistance. We end the class by turning on the music and having a "free style" song!

(816) 256-5040
"Send a Stiletto Gym Class" to a friend who is having a bad day!!!! 

That's right instead of sending a card or "flowers" send a friend a Sexy Class that is sure to make her smile, laugh, and have a great time!! 
You can purchase any class!! once you purchase we will email your friend a video and special message welcoming them to a class!  

Fill out the below information and we will contact you for your personal message and class you would like to send!

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