Emotional healing advice from the young “Pole Dancing Widow”!  Movement is Medicine. 

Emotional healing advice from the young “Pole Dancing Widow”!  Movement is Medicine. 

As many of you know I lost my husband last year suddenly and unexpectedly. This experience was horrific and I would not wish it upon anyone.   I am a mental health therapist with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and I was an emotional wreck, at one point I thought I was going crazy.  With all that being said I was able to move through the pain and come out on the other side.   I wanted to share my experience and what I believe has helped me in hopes to help others.

I own a fitness studio that specializes in sexy feminine movement and the energy, acceptance, and supportive nature of the studio is very healing.  I believe movement is medicine and feminine movement helps us heal in mind, body, and spirit.

Stress, pain, trauma and fear can be stored in the body and block energy flow.  Our minds and bodies are connected and we must not forget that.  In order to heal the mind we must move the body.  So many times we wait until we feel like moving, which sometimes never happens.  Because we are “frozen in time” our body continues to hang on to the stress. Pain, fear and trauma.  Many times, your body will react to a difficult situation or event by freezing to protect itself. After the difficult period ends, your body remembers its self-protection mechanism and will continue to freeze and restrict anytime the memory is triggered. This enables the memory, or emotional trauma, to permeate your being and paralyze us from living.

These emotions will manifest in the pelvis.  . The emotional traumas creates restrictions in the root and sacral chakra. The root chakra is related to our basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. The sacral chakra is related to creativity, passion, birth, and sensuality.  No wonder we have so many emotional, sexual, and fear based issues.

I know the experience of having emotional trauma trapped in my body. It was from this experience that I began to truly tune in and develop a profound level of awareness of how my body reacts to stress and how dance and movement heal the pain.

Our bodies are our sanctuaries. It is our home.  It is where we live and breathe, the center where our heart and womb meet. This is of the utmost importance to me.

I believe that as women, we must become aware of our body’s reactions to stress, pain, trauma and fear. We must recognize that our bodies have frozen, and take necessary action to release the restriction. I am blessed with the awareness of what pleasure brings to my body when I move it energetically.  Movement is my medicine.

Dancing has been the foundation for my healing. It has allowed me to surrender, survive, and feel freedom in my body over and over again. It has allowed me to release myself from self-imposed restrictions and fully heal.

The pleasure of moving in the feminine relieves pain. It also offers sensuality, beauty and love as you move in your feminine essence and reconnect the heart.