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Please see us in this April 2011 Issue of 
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Home of the Guinness World Record for the Largest Chair Dance. Established November 2011. 
271 women Chair Dancing!

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Intro to Pole 
Come learn the pole basics and be introduced to the pole.  Pole is designed for beginners! 
Cost $12
Saturday October 1st 11:00am
call 816-256-5040 to register or email fimbwellness@yahoo.com

​                                                     The Workshop                                                                                               
Allow yourself to express, feel, and find your inner Goddess!

Meet and learn from the owner of the Stiletto Gym and who happens to have a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Allow your inner vixen, diva, or goddess out and remove any of the shame, guilt, fear, anxiety that may be holding her back. This is much more than “stripper” class! it is a workshop designed for empowerment, encouragement and all that is Sexy.

 Definition of “stripped”
verb (used with object), stripped or stripping.

 1. to deprive of covering:
 2. to deprive of clothing; make bare or naked.
 3. to take away or remove:.
 4. to deprive or divest:.
 5. to clear out or empty:
 6. to deprive of equipment; dismantle:

 During this workshop will be stripping away your fears, stripping away the negative voices and negative self-talk, stripping away shame, stripping away guilt, fear and stripping down the walls that keep you from unleashing inner “Goddess.” This class is for any woman who feels she is not “Sexy”, not worthy, not good enough, or has been broken by pain or broken by life.
–TAKE THIS CLASS!” It will challenge you and change you. 

 Attend Stripped “the Workshop” and experience two hour’s self-appreciation, self-love, and all that is Sexy. This two-hour workshop begins with an empowerment tools, followed by a sexy warm-up, flow, movement, and choreography. The session then culminates in a student performance that is sure put the “WOW” back into your life. 

 Cost: $30 for 2 hour Workshop 
 When Friday September 30th 6:30-8:30 pm 
 Reservations are required/ Limited number of spaces available
 Call 816-256-5040 or email fimbwellness@yahoo.com to reserve your space.

 Suitable for: ALL levels, no previous pole dance experience needed
 Please bring layers of clothes (jackets, robes, shirts, pants, anything you can remove easily) and optional high heels (high heels just make you feel sexy). Please wear comfortable exercise attire. 

 Each participant will receive a Sexy Swag Bag.


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